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A friend gave me a book thinking that it would be helpful with some of the real-life stuff I’m going through right now.  It’s Stepping Heavenward byMrs. E. Prentiss.  It’s an amazing book.  It is written in a journal form and follows a woman through her life beginning with her rebellious teen years (which would hardly seem rebellious at all by today’s standards) through her early married life and motherhood to her days of illness and acceptance of her absolute and ultimate desire for God more than anything (or anyone) else.  She has a desire throughout her life to be spiritually mature and has the opportunity to be mentored by several strong women in her life.  As she grows wiser and more disciplined in her own life she mentors other younger women who come into her life.  She paints a beautiful picture of what marriage and motherhood should look like.  Her life is not without challenge and grief.  She learns many life lessons through the hardships she bears as a daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother, daughter-in-law, and sister-in-law.  

 I found myself relating to her throughout each season of her life and through each relationship she had.  She deals with questions about God that she is able to answer with the wisdom of others and with wisdom she herself gains throughout her own life.  I was able to share in her frustrations with herself and her lack of self-discipline, in her happiness, in her immense love for her children, and in her almost unbearable grief at losing dear loved ones.

This book offers something to every woman.  It speaks to the heart of every daughter, mother, sister, friend, and mother.  The main character may have lived in another time, but the lessons  and encouragement in this book are indeed timeless.


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