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In Exodus 14:13, Moses tells his people whom he has led out of Egypt, “Don’t be afraid. Just stand where you are and watch the Lord rescue you.. . . The Lord Himself will fight for you.” But then, in the next verse, God tells Moses, “Tell the people to get moving!” Is Moses getting mixed signals from God? Is he confused, misunderstanding the Lord’s instructions? No, he is doing exactly what God is telling him to do. He is following the Lord’s instructions to the letter. God had earlier given Moses detailed instructions on how to get away from the Egyptian army that was chasing them down. Moses did exactly as he was told. When God told him to be still, Moses gave the order to his people to be still. When God told him to move, Moses gave the order to his people to move. The key is that Moses was listening for God’s voice. He got the word from God and then he acted on it.

All too often, I find that my life is the exact opposite of what Moses was doing. I’m moving, moving, moving; until something makes me stop. I make my plans and jump in head first before consulting God. Then I’m crying out to God after I’ve made a mess of things and made everyone around me miserable. I’m the one who makes my days busy, disjointed, frustrating, and confusing. What if I truly took God at His Word and followed His instructions to me: “Be still and know. . .”? Of course I can’t always be still, but what if I waited on God to tell me to move? What if I were diligent everyday in listening for His voice? Could my days go more smoothly perhaps if I let God order them for me? Could my ministry to others be more in line with God’s purpose if I listened to His instructions regularly? Why is it that my increasing level of daily frustration doesn’t ding a bell in my mind that perhaps I need to be still and just listen for a while, or maybe I need to wait for divine anointing?

Oh God, let me listen more purposefully and more intently for Your voice, Your divine guidance. I need Your input daily, moment to moment even. Help me to heed Your instruction and to truly live out Your plan for my life. Help me especially to be in tune with my level of frustration and understand that it is a direct result of my straying from the path You have prepared for me. Thank you for allowing me to simply “be still and know” that You are in control.


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