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This morning I taught a group of middle schoolers at our church. The lesson happened to be about where we stand in our relationships with God. An analogy was given that went something like this: Imagine that there is an ice-covered pond visible from your kitchen window. Standing inside the home and looking out the window at the ice-covered pond is likened to having a very distant relationship with God and not really trusting Him with any part of your life. Jumping up and down on the ice-covered pond is likened to totally trusting God with every part of your life – to the point that you are testing Him and His promises. This relationship type is every Christian’s goal, or it should be.

I remember as a young Christian hearing about how I should trust God to work everything together for my good and how God has a plan for my future. I knew in my head that these things were true; however, living them in my life was a totally different prospect. I thought that I could manage pretty well with my own plans for my future and that God would just follow me down the path I had chosen.

Now that I am mid-40ish and I’ve been through many trials and tribulations over the years, I can truly say that I am out there in the middle of that pond jumping up and down. My husband and I have been together for 20 years now, and we’ve lived through job losses and job changes several different times. This time of unemployment is different, though – the economy is horrible, many other people are out of work and competing in the job market, we have a high school junior headed to college soon, and there are 3 more kids following in step behind him. It’s downright scary! I should be scared. Right?! Shouldn’t I be panicking and worrying?

But I’m not panicking and worrying, and this is why. There comes a time when we get so overloaded with problems that we just have to throw our hands up in the air and say, “I give up!” Being unemployed is a very powerless situation, and to many it can be a very humbling and demeaning situation. You are totally reliant on someone else to choose you for a job. I figure – why not be reliant on God? If He really has a great plan for my future, then I say, “Bring it on!” If He really is working everything together for my good, then I’m ready for it. If He truly wants me to have an easy yoke, I’ll gladly take it.

Maybe that’s what God has been waiting for. Maybe He’s been waiting for me to wave a white flag in His direction. If a mortgage payment is made, then God will have to provide it. If my family has Christmas gifts this year, then God will have to provide them. And if unemployment is a part of our lives much longer, eventually God will have to provide every box and can that goes into our pantry. But isn’t He already doing that? Isn’t He the one who provided a steady income for most of the past 20 years? Isn’t He the one who provided our home? Isn’t He the one who has always had a plan for our lives, a plan for good and not for evil? Sometimes the only thing we really can do is just be still and know that He is God and that He has everything under control.


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