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I just read these words in an article by Audrey Barrick in today’s edition of The Christian Post (christianpost.com).  They sickened me, and they may quite well do the same to you.  But I urge you to read on anyway, because it’s high time that more of us got sick of what is going on in this country.

“Our taxpayer money shouldn’t support religious indoctrination of anyone – particularly children. And no one should be subject to proselytizing because they need foster care, adoption, child care or HIV services,” she added [NYCLU Executive Director Donna Lieberman]. “This settlement ensures that religious organizations may not preach to people who receive government-funded social services or discriminate against them based on their religious beliefs.”

The Salvation Army on Thursday declined to comment.

What is there to say?!  The Salvation Army is not being allowed to tell people what it was created to tell them.  This quote is from an article about a recent settlement in a longstanding lawsuit between the Salvation Army and the New York Civil Liberties Union.  Because people who desperately need to hear about the love of Christ come to an organization that wants to share the love of Christ – because the government has it’s nose stuck in the middle of it all – these needy people cannot truly be helped.  Who else in the whole of the United States of America needs to know that God loves them and sent His own Son to bear their sins for them but these very ones who are caught up in the foster care system or who are infected with HIV?  The government cannot offer the help that they truly need.  All followers of Christ should agree that only God can give true soul-saving, sin-washing, all-forgiving help that we ourselves have been given.  We believers know, just like King David knew, where true help comes from.

And where is the church while all this is going on? Sitting politely with their hands folded in their laps whispering to one another, “Oh, isn’t that a shame?  Someone should really do something about that.”   Where is the OUTRAGE?!!!!  A couple of thoughts come to my mind. The first is this – Who gave the government the right to tell Christians what we can and cannot say?  Some would say that as long as someone accepts money from the government, the government does have authority over him.  So my next thought is this – why are Christian organizations accepting money from the government?  Are Christians broke?  The church should support itself and its work bountifully.  If it is unable to do that, something is very, very wrong!  When people need help, the church should be the obvious place for them to go.  The church should prudently give to all who have need.  At least, that’s what I believe God is saying to us in His Holy Word.  The Bible instructs us to take care of the widows and orphans.  It also says that we will be known by our love.  We have been given a very special gift that we are to share with others – not keep to ourselves, not to sit quietly as the government takes away the very rights our forefathers founded this county for us to have.

It’s time for the church to get back in the giving and sharing business and for the government to get out of the church’s business.


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